Marco Island Fishing

Marco Island Florida is the largest and northern most of the 10,000 islands of Southwest Florida. With six miles of white sand beach and measuring over 24 square miles it's home to many species of wildlife such as bald eagles, borrowing owls, brown pelicans, dolphins and manatees. Rich in history from the earliest inhabits to the Calusa Indians who survived mainly from abundant shell fish. Today you can find evidence of their existence as you travel the southern part of the island: here the elevation rises some 30’ above the water from the years of discarded shells left behind. In the late 1800 hundreds, a few early pioneers also made their living from the rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Today the island is a hot destination where people can come and relax on its beautiful beaches, watch the sun set, or enjoy fishing in the pristine water.

Fishing is just minutes away. Offshore anglers can fish the grass flats off Cape Romano for sea trout, redfish, pompano, jack carvel, ladyfish, or travel into deeper water where the artificial reefs and natural lime stone formations create a rich heaven for grouper, cobia, goliath grouper, snapper, kingfish, permit, sharks and barracudas.

The backwaters of the 10,000 islands offer the anglers a getaway from civilization where the islands remain untouched by development. Only a few islands have signs left behind by the early settlers like water cisterns and few remaining building blocks. One island still hosts a cemetery where plots with headstones that date back to the early 1900’s are still visible. Minutes of leaving the dock you will find yourself entering the National Wildlife Preserve where the endless chain of mangrove islands are separated by feeder creeks, calm shallow bays and oyster bars. Within this unique complex ecosystem the fresh water from the inland creeks and cannels flow south and mixes with the salt water in the estuaries. This is home to many species of juvenile fish, shrimp and crabs and is what makes this area an excellent fishing heaven. Here you will find game fish like the snook, redfish, tarpon and many more species foraging along the mangrove roots and oyster bars. Continue south only eleven miles and you enter the Everglades National Park where only a park boundary marker identifies your location.

Marco Island Fishing

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  • The Marriott Hotel, Located at 400 South Collier Blvd. 239-394-2511


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