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For the privacy of my clients I will not disclose their names and hometowns.

Talking about lines everywhere, try land three snook at...
Anglers fisrt time fishing lands this nice snook
23 lb snook caught offshore. one of eight that afternoo...
17 lb everglades redfish caught while raining

20 lb everglades shook caught by this proud 9 year old ...
12.5 lb redfish caught on 8 lb mono
14 lb redfish caught in the back waters
13.5 lb redfish caught on live bait

10 lb 10,000 island redfish
10.5lb red caught on 8lb mono
23lb Everglades back country snook
First place tounament winner for this very young lady a...

28 lb Permit caught by near shore grass flats
15 lb Jack caught on fly
Nice Snook caught on a 5wt fly rod
12 lb Snook on fly caught in the Everglades

A young angler with his first large snook caught on art...
Very large "Fat" Snook species
25 lb Balck Drum caught on fly
11.5 lb redfish caught on bait

10 lb Redfish caught on fly
60 lb Sailfish caught offshore Marco Island
50 lb Cobia caught on a 10wt fly rod
Very juvenile Goliath Grouper that ate a bait bigger th...

275 lb plus Bull Shark that ate a 20 lb Jack at the boa...
35 lb Permit caught offshore
300 plus lb Goliath Grouper caught offshore
14 lb Bonefish caught on 8lb tackle

25 lb Triple Tail caught on 8lb tackle
150 lb plus Tarpon caught on a fly rod
27 lb monster Snook caught in the back water

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